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Thinking ahead with AssetOne

A bespoke digital platform for the towing industry that reduces the complexity in the day-to-day running while increasing efficiency and accuracy

Recently we partnered with Southern Districts Towing and Webscope to create bespoke towing software that could reduce the complexity in the day-to-day running of our business while increasing the efficiency and accuracy.

The Result

Asset One is a complete end-to-end online solution for the towing industry that covers job creation, dispatch, storage, quoting, document storage, invoicing, and customer communication.

Our development partner; Webscope's agile delivery approach, technical excellence, and user-centred design delivered a robust and complete solution to service the needs of the industry, while remaining easy for all operators to use.

Creating a Job

Creating a job requires a lot of details to be input, so rather than give the dispatcher a long list of empty text fields to fill out at once, we designed the ‘Create Job’ tool to be broken up into 5 similar segments - creating a less overwhelming experience while also being intuitive to the sets of information required. Integration with the Car-jam API means all vehicle info can be added via a registration plate search.

Dispatching the job

Once a job has been created the dispatch panel simplifies the whole process of dispatching the job to the required truck and driver. All the information required is already on the screen for the dispatcher to easily assign the job with just a few clicks.

Completing the job

After the job has been dispatched the driver will then receive it through a custom Asset One mobile app on their smart phone. They receive all the relevant information, including a checklist of what needs to be done and a map that will direct them to the job. The app allows the driver to take photos of the vehicle (which are uploaded to the main app), and get the clients signature.

Storage Management

When a vehicle enters the yard, there are a number of tasks that need to be carried out from verifying ownership, managing the claim, including completing a digital assessment of the vehicle. Each of these tasks are managed by a series of interactive checklist items that keep the vehicle moving through the process. AssetOne helps keep yard efficiency high ensuring that vehicles that are not likely to be collected are disposed of quickly, while our efficient process means insurance company's save money on storage costs.

Invoicing the job

Once a job and all of it's services are complete, the job appears in the Invoicing section, and any final changes to charges/pricing can be made. Once approved the job is sent to Xero and turned into an invoice. Tracking details about the trucks and drivers are also sent to Xero to aid in tracking and reporting. The invoice generated by Xero can be downloaded via Asset One as a PDF, or emailed through Asset One to any of the contacts saved on the job.

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