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28 Day Impound

If you commit certain driving offenses the vehicle you are driving can be impounded for 28 days.  In this event, the vehicle will be towed to and stored in our secure storage facility and is available for you to collect on the 29th day.


On the due date, you will need to present photo identification to prove you are the registered owner of the vehicle and pay the impound fee to get your car back.


You may have some questions about impounds, please see our frequently asked questions below to find out more.




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  • Who can collect the vehicle or belongings?
    We can only release the vehicle to the registered owner on the day it was impounded. If you are not the registered owner of the vehicle then you will need to contact the person who is and have them authorise you to collect the vehicle. If you have any challenges please contact our office for guidance 09 838 6129 or come in and see us at 24 Paramount Drive, Henderson, Auckland.
  • I want to authorise someone to collect my car or belongings?
    If you are not the registered owner you will need authorisation from them first. You will need to bring the following Valid and current photo identification (drivers license or passport) Enclosed shoes (no jandles or sandles) Please not conditions may apply to you removing belongings from the vehicle. This does not include any fixed items that belong to the vechile. i.e Stereo, Wheels etc
  • Can I pay the impound fee off?
    While the impound fee must be paid in full for the car to be released you can certainly make payments towards your impound fee in the lead up to the due date. Contact our office for payment details.
  • How do I appeal a 28 day impound?
    There are certain grounds upon which an appeal may be granted you should check with your local police station or visit
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