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Project 15 - Emergency response times

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

When your stranded on the side of the road 15 minutes feels like an hour. We have built our business around consistently executing on rapid response times. We have launched an internal project to ensure our response times meet or exceed those published by our colleagues at St John Ambulance. Here is how we strive to keep our response times in line with our emergency service counterparts

Our results speak for themselves

Alfa Westcity Towing & Storage has never been a high volume low cost business, we pride ourselves on our service and response times. Consistently delivering on this objective over the last 20 years has made us a favourite among local Police and trade customers alike.

We arrive on scene to 44% of emergency response call outs, in less than 15 minutes, 83% in less than 30 minutes, and 98% in less than 60 min.

We benchmark our response times against our emergency service counterparts and continue to strive for excellence.

To put this into context St John Ambulance respond to 47.6% of their Auckland emergency calls in 12 minutes or less. (St John Ambulance - 2018 Annual Report)

Having such an unwavering focus on quality of service invariably comes at a cost, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Here are four ways that we consistently deliver.


1. Partner with people who value service over price.

When you see our fleet and you see our team you know we take pride in what we do. Alfa Westcity has always been focused on the quality of service we offer which is why we chase opportunities that compliment our existing business, we really believe in under promising and over delivering, so we seek out new business opportunities that compliment our existing customer base and infrastructure, so that we don't stretch ourselves too thin.

What does that mean for you? Well rather than taking on new business such as clearway tow-away's, that would keep our trucks tied up during peak hours. We work with fleet and trade customers and roadside rescue partners to offer rapid response times of 30 minutes or less across SH16 - North Western Motorway and SH20 South Western Motorway, which utilises the network of drivers we already have on standby at Lincoln Road Interchange, Waterview Tunnel, and Dominion Road Interchange.

By pairing complimentary business opportunities we can make use of our existing infrastructure which has been built to support our contracts with NZTA, Auckland Motorways, Waterview Tunnel, and New Zealand Police and leverage those resources to help quickly assist customers in our catchment, so they are not waiting 2 hours for a tow truck on a busy road or motorway.

2. Distribute our fleet to promote rapid response times.

As you leave your house for work in the morning chances are our team have already been on the network for some time, you may even see our bright orange trucks on your journey. The same is true of your homeward bound commute in the evening. Our commitments with New Zealand Police, the Waterview Tunnel and New Zealand Transport mean that we place rapid response teams across the network to clear accidents and breakdowns throughout this area.

You may even have seen our bright orange trucks stationed at the Waterview Tunnel Maintenance Depot, by all means give them a toot and a wave next time you see our team out and about.

Our standby locations are strategically designed to allow us rapid access to the network

3. Use technology to optimise our response times .

Since the beginning of time towing companies have been innovating, whether that be moving from ramp trucks to slide decks or from crash hooks to hydraulic under-lifts.

However innovation in the industry has often been restricted to the workshop. AssetOne gives us the tools to better plan routes and pickups co-ordinate between companies and outsource to our partners when they can get there faster. It allows our drivers to get in the truck and go without first having to look up cross references and find your location in a map book.

4. We see ourselves as the fourth emergency service and respond accordingly

Our team are always at the ready and if you are around our yard when a call comes in from anyone of our customers it will look like much a fire station call out. We know what it feels like to be stranded and how painful that wait can be.

Once we are en-route we can co-ordinate with Police and Auckland Transport Operations Centre (ATOC) to arrange traffic management cover before we arrive onsite to protect your loved ones or customers and also to speed up the recovery getting them out of harms way sooner.

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